2nd Meeting of E2BRN

Meeting within the Joint Meeting of SCUR (32 th Annual Meeting) & ISP 2005

1. - 4 June 2005

Beiersdorf AG
Troplowitzstr. 15 / 17
22529 Hamburg


Caspers P J, Puppels G J
Stratum corneum characterization by in vivo Raman spectroscopy

Behne M, Barry N P, Moll I
Fluorescence lifetime to image epidermal ionic concentrations

Brandner J M, Ohnemus U, Kief S, Wladykowski E, Moll I
Tight Junction proteins in the skin

Tunggal J A, Helfrich I, Schmitz A, Schwarz H, Günzel D, Fromm M, Kemler R, Krieg T, Niessen C M
The role of cadherins in epidermal barrier formation

Proksch E, Neumann C, Jensen J-M
Disturbed epidermal proliferation and differentiation in atopic dermatitis

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