3rd Meeting of E2BRN

Satellite Meeting within the 35th Annual Meeting of ESDR

22.-24. September 2005

Hölderlinstr. 5
72074 Tübingen


Behne M, Niessen C
Introduction to E2BRN

Brandner J M
Junctional barriers in the skin

Birchall J
Drug delivery: "Overcoming the barrier"

Jensen J M
Barrier alterations in skin disease

Schmuth M
Role of nuclear hormone receptors in epidermal differentiation and barrier function

Simon M
Stratum corneum cohesion and moisturization, regulation of desquamation: desmosomes, peptidylarginine deiminases and proteases

Smyth N
The in vivo role of TG3, the soluble transglutaminase of the skin

Gniadecki R
Lipid rafts in keratinocytes

Caspers P
Raman spectroscopy



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