4th Meeting of E2BRN

Satellite Meeting within the 36th Annual Meeting of ESDR

(all participants must register to the whole meeting)

6th September, 2006
from 2 PM to 5:30 PM

Maison de la Chimie
28bis rue Saint-Dominique
75007 Paris

Part one: 14h00-15h00
Working session of the E2BRNetwork members

Part two: 15h00-17h30
A series of lectures open to the public (if you are interested, please register here (free of charge).
Please note: Registration to the ESDR meeting is still necessary)

Chairs: Marek Haftek, Lyon; Johanna M. Brandner, Hamburg


Edith Hummler (Lausanne)
Molecular physiology of ENaC-mediated sodium transport in skin and lung epithelium.

W H Irwin McLean (Dundee)
Filaggrin gene mutations in human skin disease.

Marina Guerrin (Toulouse)
Latecomer genes in keratinocyte differentiation.

Matthias Schmuth (Innsbruck)
Epidermal barrier defects: Primary cause of skin disease or epiphenomenon?

Marek Haftek (Lyon)
Desmosealin and epidermal extracellular matrix.

Jean-Pierre Hachem (Bruxelles)
Caveolin 1 regulates permeability barrier homeostasis and promotes terminal differentiation of epidermal keratinocytes.


BDF - Beiersdorf
Dr. Wolff

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